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SOLVED: The #1 problem in hydraulics!

Did you know the #1 problem in hydraulics is contamination? Contamination has two primary sources; component wear, and opening the hydraulic system.

With typical time-based maintenance programs, the system is opened up every few months whether it needs to be or not. Changing filters early may be actually adding contamination to the system!

We recommend condition-based monitoring. We will come out and take oil samples from each of your hydraulic systems to size, count, and identify the particulates currently in the fluid without introducing any additional contamination to the system. We can then determine the base-line health of each system and provide recommendations for your service scheduling.

Most of our customers find that this service pays for itself. We eliminate unnecessary filter changes, reduce unnecessary contamination, and provide understanding as to the real health of your hydraulic system before it fails, drastically reducing costly downtime in the future. Let us show you how efficient condition-based monitoring can be.

Significantly improve your hydraulic system maintenance plan!