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Hydraulic Training

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for maintenance personnel to be at their best. Our training is designed to make that happen!

Attendee working on a cross-port relief motor circuit.

  • Immersive hands-on training experience

  • Training benches use real world components

  • Small class size to maximize instructor interaction

  • CEU credits available via Portland Community College

As knowledge accelerates, increasing challenges are presented.

  • Enable maintenance staff to work more effectively!

  • Get the most from existing hydraulic equipment!

  • Eliminate needless component replacement!

  • Decrease unscheduled downtime!

  • Reduce operating costs!

At the end of each lab section, attendees answer a few questions to help them cement the concepts. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace for maximum learning. Nobody is restrained and nobody is left behind.

Students work together to build and troubleshoot real world circuits.

We have designed our curriculum to work hand-in-glove with the training benches for maximum value to learners.

While chair time is kept to a minimum, relevant theory and class discussion before each unit prepares learners for the upcoming lab work.

System schematic, bill of materials, and component datasheets are available for each training station. Attendees are taught how to use these indispensable tools.

Hydraulic Spaghetti! Some labs call for many hoses and components, enabling the learner to really grasp the importance of reading & understanding the schematic. Guessing just won't get it.

Many of our training classes are held at the customer's location minimizing down time and cost.

  • True hands-on training sessions utilizing modern hydraulic technology.

  • Learn to read schematics for fast, effective troubleshooting.

  • Concise training lectures lay a solid foundation in hydraulic theory.

  • Logical troubleshooting and critical  thinking skills turn reactive whistle  chasers into proactive technicians.

Who Should Attend AHS Hydraulic Training?


Millwrights | Electricians | Supervisors | Planners | Purchasers

 Anyone who needs to really understand hydraulics!

What Our Customers Say:

"What I learned in this class will greatly improve my ability to perform my job. I have learned more in 3 days than in years on the job."

   -Hank Nemetz, Simpson Timber

“This course was very thorough.

I enjoyed the class and learned a lot”

   –Robert Wilson, Millwright, Evraz

"Mr. McLoughlin is an excellent instructor. He has the ability to make complex situations clear and obvious."

   -Aaron Poquette, Hampton Lumber

“This course is very good and a lot of hands on. The information is very useful

and am excited to bring this back to Evraz”

   –Donnie Rychant, Evraz

"Training information enabled me to solve a long-term problem on an existing system."

   -Dan Radcliffe. Simpson Timber

"The course was very good.

Learned basic hydraulics and more. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about hydraulics."

   -Jeremiah Graham, Cascade Steel


Essential Hydraulics,

Part 1

This comprehensive 4.5 day course is designed to provide the trainee with increased understanding of the

essential elements of hydraulic system maintenance, troubleshooting and safety.


Question & answer sessions reinforce learned material. The next logical step is More Essential Hydraulics.

Prerequisite: None

More Essential Hydraulics,

Part 2

Picking up where Essential Hydraulics leaves off, this 4 day course focuses

on specific components and

common hydraulic circuitry.

Prerequisite: Essential Hydraulics, Part 1

Ace Troubleshooting,

Part 3

Due to popular demand, we will soon be offering this one-of-a-kind 3 day course.


Learn to quickly and effectively troubleshoot real-world hydraulic

circuits and components. Information

is presented using a hands-on approach.

Prerequisite: More Essential Hydraulics, Part 2

Accumulator Safety

Accumulators can be the most dangerous of all hydraulic components if they are improperly understood or applied.


This brief seminar will help crews safely work with the most common types

of accumulators and systems.

Prerequisite: None

Fluid Lines & Fittings

Quit wasting time and money rummaging through a box for fittings, or on poorly constructed, unsafe fluid lines.


Attendees will learn about the fittings and fluid lines commonly used on the job.

They will also learn to properly and safely make hydraulic hoses without waste.

Prerequisite: None

Hydraulics Refresher

Maybe it's been awhile?

This course is intended for previous attendees of Part 1 or Part 2 courses in the past who need a refresher before moving on to the next course.

However, it is open to anyone wanting to refresh their hydraulics knowledge.

Prerequisite: None

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Documentation is crucial to any maintenance program. Incomplete or difficult to find information severely impairs your ability to maintain equipment. Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc. provides documentation services to solve these problems.


Get the most from existing equipment. Eliminate needless component replacement. Stop recurring component failures. Decrease unscheduled downtime. Reduce operating costs.


A proactive maintenance program begins with oil sampling. From there, particulates in the fluid are compared to established cleanliness standards. We offer on-site sampling and testing, alternately we can send your samples to a lab for a deeper analysis.




Started in 2009, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc. is a continuation by our founder on a 25 year career in hydraulic training, troubleshooting and system design. We began originally out of a small shop in Kalispell, MT relocating in 2014 to beautiful Northwest Oregon to better serve our customer base.


Currently we serve customers in wood products, steel, paper, food, and manufacturing industries, to name a few. We have completed projects large and small around our region, earning us a reputation of excellence within the Pacific Northwest; Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Utah.


Reinforcing the service work we do, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc. instructors have successfully graduated more than 1000 students through our comprehensive hands-on hydraulics training classes, providing the community with much needed hydraulic knowledge.


No matter what your hydraulic needs, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc. can find a solution to your problem. Contact us today to learn more.​



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